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Jamb Runz 2024/2025 Expo Questions & Answers

Jamb Runz 2024/2025 Expo Questions & Answers: Do you really want to pass your 2024 Jamb UTME computer-based test (CBT) examination? Subscribe to our Jamb Runz 2024. We at jamb2024.org can provide you with 100% verified questions and answers for your Jamb CBT 2024 examination at midnight before your examination.

The JAMB exam consists of four subjects per candidate: English language, and any other 3 subjects, depending on the course you are applying for, you can check out our article on Jamb subject combination to see the subjects required for your course by your institution.

The questions on the JAMB exam are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of candidates in these subjects, as well as their ability to think critically and solve problems.

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Jamb Cheat 2024/2025 Jamb Chokes

This is evidence of our Jamb Runz 2024, more evidence is available as you scroll

Jamb Expo 2024

The reason you need to subscribe to our Jamb expo 2024 is that it is nearly impossible for most candidates to answer a total of 180 questions within just 2 hours (120 minutes) especially when your subjects have to do with calculation questions.

With the help of our verified Jamb expo 2024, you are sure of scoring at least 300 in the Jamb 2024 examination as we will provide you with all the questions and answers at midnight before your exam.

Jamb Runz 2024

The purpose of registering for the Jamb UTME examination is to score high and gain admission into a tertiary institution, but most candidates find it difficult to score up to the Jamb minimum cut-off mark for their institution of choice, this is the reason why we want to assist you in this coming Jamb CBT examination.

With our improved De-System, you need not worry about passing your Jamb UTME examination, because we got you covered, we will get access to your Jamb questions a day before the exam, solve them, and give you access code to access the complete 100% verified answers directly from our Answer Page.

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Our Evidence (Proofs)

As most candidates will always demand, below are some screenshots of our JAMB assistance in the past, we deliver as promised:

JAMB CBT Questions extraction software used for our DE-system method, also known as Database

Jamb Runz 2024 Available Subjects

Our Jamb Runz 2024/2025 is available for all the 25 Jamb-approved subjects which include: Agricultural Science, Arabic, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Christian Religious Studies, Commerce, Economics, French, Geography, Government, Hausa, History, Home Economics, Igbo, Islamic Studies, Literature in English, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Use of English, Yoruba, Computer Studies and Physical and Health Education.

Jamb Runz 2024 Price List

MethodNumber of SubjectsPrice
Answer Page4N10,000
Per Subject1N3,000
Jamb Runz 2024 Price List

How to Subscribe for the Jamb 2024 Expo

Follow the below steps carefully to be able to subscribe to our Jamb 2024 Expo:

  • Message us on WhatsApp using this phone number: 07062154881, or by clicking here.
  • Send a list of the subjects you want to subscribe to (send the list to us on WhatsApp).
  • Pay the required amount to the account that will be provided to you by the admin (amount listed above).
  • After confirmation of payment, the admin will give you your personal 4-digit secret code you will use to access the answer page on the exam day, or if you are subscribing for De-System, the admin will require some personal information from you which includes your Jamb reg. number, etc.

After Payment, Send the Below Information

  • Depositor’s Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Four Subjects
  • Jamb registration number (with this we can get your date/time).

Jamb Runz 2024 Per Subject Subscription

Candidates can also subscribe per subject, this may be due to financial issues or maybe they want to only subscribe for the subjects they are not perfect with. To subscribe for any particular subject, click on the subject below:

  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Use of English
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Mathematics
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Physics
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Chemistry
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Biology
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Agricultural Science
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Government
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Literature in English
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Commerce
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Economics
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Igbo
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Hausa
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Yoruba
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Christian Religious Studies
  • Jamb Runz 2024 for Islamic Studies
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Computer Studies
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Principles of Accounts
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Physical and Health Education
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Music
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Home Economics
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Geography
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for History
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Art
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for Arabic
  • Jamb Expo 2024 for French.
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Jamb 2024 Questions and Answers

This website contains all you need to prepare and pass the 2024 UTME exam and gain admission into the university of your choice. With our assistance, you will get the whole questions and answers before you enter the exam hall, CBT exam is very tough, starting from security and the kind of questions they set.

Subscribe on time, we will guide you through the whole Jamb examination process and make sure you don’t score below 300.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Jamb Question and Answer Before Exam?

Through Our Jamb 2024 CBT exam expo Runz. We will send you the complete Jamb 2024 questions and answers directly to your phone at midnight before the exam, we did it in the 2023 Jamb and we will still do it this year.

Is It Possible to Do Jamb Expo?

Yes, the Jamb expo is real, but not all sources can be trusted. If you want to subscribe to Jamb 2024 expo, visit jamb2024.org, that’s the only trusted site for Jamb 2024 Runz.

How Do You Score 300 in Above Jamb?

To score 300 or above in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination, you should first understand the structure of the exam and the types of questions that are typically asked. Here are some tips for preparing for the JAMB exam and increasing your chances of achieving a high score:

1. Familiarize yourself with the exam format: The JAMB exam consists of four subjects: English, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. You should make sure you understand the format of the exam and the types of questions that are typically asked in each subject.

2. Get a good study guide: There are many study guides and practice materials available that can help you prepare for the JAMB exam. Look for a guide that covers the entire syllabus and includes practice questions and sample tests.

3. Practice, practice, practice: The more you practice, the better you will perform on the exam. Set aside time each day to work through practice questions and sample tests. This will help you get used to the exam format and improve your test-taking skills.


4. Understand the subject matter: Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the subjects covered on the JAMB exam. This will help you answer questions accurately and confidently.

5. Manage your time effectively: The JAMB exam is timed, so it’s important to manage your time wisely. Make sure you allocate enough time to each subject and don’t spend too much time on any one question.

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6. Stay focused and relaxed: It’s normal to feel anxious before an important exam, but try to stay focused and relaxed. Take breaks when you need them, but don’t let yourself get too distracted.

7. Subscribe to our Jamb 2024 Runz expo questions and answers

What is the Best Jamb Runz Website?

jamb2024.org is the best website for the 2024 Jamb Runz expo questions and answers because they deliver answers at midnight before the exam starts, also the site has been verified and confirmed by candidates as the only website to deliver 100% verified answers for you. Want to score 300 and above? subscribe with jamb2024.org

How Can I Get Jamb Runz 2024 for Free?

To get Jamb Runz 2024 for free, join the official jamb2024.org WhatsApp, Telegram, or WhatsApp group where answers will be posted for free, visit jamb2024.org to get the links to join these groups.

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Make sure to subscribe to our Jamb Runz 2024 because jamb2024.org is the only trusted best Jamb Runz website for the 2024 UTME examination.

Remember, Jamb is not like Waec, Neco, or GCE where you write with papers and also copy from your fellow candidate, this particular exam is everybody on his own, if you didn’t subscribe with us, then you might score below the minimum cut-off mark required by Jamb for your institution.


It is important for candidates to focus on preparing for the JAMB exam by reviewing the relevant subject matter and practicing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. There are many resources available to help candidates prepare for the JAMB exam, including textbooks, study guides, and practice tests.

Additionally, it is important for candidates to manage their time effectively, stay organized, and build their test-taking skills in order to do their best on the exam.


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