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5 Things You Must Do on JAMB Exam Day 2024/2025

Things You Must Do on JAMB Exam Day 2024/2025: JAMB exam day is one of the most important days in the life of every Nigerian student who wants to gain admission into a tertiary institution. It is a day that can make or break your dreams of pursuing higher education. Therefore, it is essential that you prepare well and do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome.

Things You Must Do on JAMB Exam Day 2024/2025

In this post, we will share with you some of the things you must do on JAMB exam day 2024/2025 to avoid any mistakes or problems that could affect your performance. These are based on the experiences of past candidates and the official guidelines from JAMB.

1. Confirm Your Exam Date, Time, and Venue

The first thing you must do on JAMB exam day is to confirm your exam date, time, and venue. This is very important because JAMB usually assigns different dates, times, and venues to different candidates based on their choices of subjects and institutions.

You can confirm your exam date, time, and venue by checking your JAMB profile on the JAMB portal or by printing your JAMB examination slip. You should do this at least a week before the exam to avoid any confusion or last-minute changes.

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2. Arrive Early at the Exam Centre

The second thing you must do on JAMB exam day is to arrive early at the exam centre. JAMB recommends that candidates should be at their exam centres at least two hours before the scheduled time of the exam. This is to enable them to go through the necessary verification and biometric processes.

Arriving early at the exam centre will also help you to avoid traffic, stress, and any unforeseen circumstances that could delay you or make you miss the exam. You should also locate your exam hall and seat number before the exam starts.

3. Bring the Required Documents and Materials

The third thing you must do on JAMB exam day is to bring the required documents and materials. These include:

You should not bring any of the following items to the exam centre:

  • Any electronic device (such as mobile phone, calculator, wristwatch, camera, earpiece, etc.)
  • Any writing material (such as pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, etc.)
  • Any book, paper, or cheat sheet
  • Any food, drink, or gum

JAMB has warned that any candidate who is caught with any of these prohibited items will be disqualified and may face prosecution. Therefore, you should adhere to the rules and regulations of JAMB and the exam centre.

4. Follow the Instructions of the Invigilators and Supervisors

The fourth thing you must do on JAMB exam day is to follow the instructions of the invigilators and supervisors. They are there to guide you and ensure a smooth and fair conduct of the exam. You should listen to them carefully and obey their directives.

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Some of the instructions you should follow are:

  • Do not talk to anyone or exchange anything during the exam
  • Do not leave your seat or exam hall without permission
  • Do not write anything on your body, clothing, or exam slip
  • Do not engage in any form of malpractice or misconduct
  • Do not cause any disturbance or disruption in the exam hall

If you have any question, complaint, or problem during the exam, you should raise your hand and wait for the attention of the invigilators or supervisors. You should not argue with them or disobey them.

5. Manage Your Time and Answer the Questions Carefully

The fifth thing you must do on JAMB exam day is to manage your time and answer the questions carefully. JAMB exam is a computer-based test (CBT) that consists of four subjects, each with 50 questions. You have a total of two hours (120 minutes) to answer all the questions.

Therefore, you should plan your time wisely and allocate enough time for each subject and question. You should also read the questions and the options carefully and choose the best answer. You should not guess or rush your answers.


You should also be familiar with the features and functions of the CBT software, such as how to navigate, select, submit, and review your answers. You can practice with the JAMB CBT practice app or the JAMB CBT online platform before the exam.


JAMB exam day is a crucial day that requires adequate preparation and careful execution. By following the tips we have shared in this post, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and achieving your desired score.

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We wish you all the best in your JAMB exam and admission process.


How can I check my JAMB result 2024/2025?

You can check your JAMB result by visiting the JAMB portal and logging in with your registration number or email address. You can also send “RESULT” as an SMS to 55019 from the same phone number you used to register for JAMB. You will receive your result as a text message.

How can I change my course or institution after JAMB exam?

You can change your course or institution after JAMB exam by applying for the JAMB change of course or institution service. You will need to pay a fee of N2,500 and visit any JAMB accredited centre or JAMB office to complete the process.

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