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Jamb Syllabus for Commerce 2024/2025 PDF Download

Download the complete Jamb syllabus for Commerce 2024/2025 in PDF, you can also read it here on this web page. This Jamb Commerce Syllabus is where the Jamb Commerce questions for the 2024 Jamb exam will be set.

Kindly make time to study all the topics on this syllabus.

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Jamb Syllabus for Commerce 2024/2025

  1. Commerce
  2. Occupation
  3. Production
  4. Trade
  5. Purchase and Sale of Goods
  6. Aids-to-trade
  7. Business Units
  8. Financing Business
  9. Trade Associations
  10. Money
  11. Stock Exchange
  12. Elements of Business Management
  13. Elements of Marketing
  14. Legal Aspects of Business
  15. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  16. Business Environment and Social Responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get a High Score in Jamb Commerce?

You can get a high score in Jamb 2024 examination by studying hard. Download the Jamb 2024 syllabus for Commerce and study the whole topics of the syllabus, study past questions, go for Jamb tutorials and also attend Jamb CBT lessons, this will get you ready for the Jamb 2024 examination.


Jamb Syllabus for Commerce 2024

This Jamb Commerce Syllabus guides all candidates who register to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) on the English language content to be tested in the examination.

The examination is designed to test the knowledge of candidates in any and every aspect of the syllabus developed for Commerce. It is therefore expected that candidates for the UTME must have adequate knowledge covering the entire syllabus of the English Language subject.

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Particular attention must be paid to recommended books and literature for some subjects, as questions would be set from such references in the 2024 Jamb UTME.

In order to encourage the culture of reading, a compulsory recommended book is usually sold to every candidate at the point of registration. The content of the book is tested as part of the questions in Commerce which is compulsory for every candidate. Therefore, every candidate is advised to ensure that he/she is given a copy of the book at the point of registration.

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Jamb 2024 Commerce Syllabus PDF Download

Click on the download button below to download the Jamb 2024 Commerce Syllabus as a PDF:

JAMB 2024 Syllabus at Your Fingertips: Find All Subjects Here

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The UTME Syllabus is a dynamic document that is reviewed from time to time, with attendant changes to the content and recommended books for the different subjects. In view of this, candidates are to ensure that they are up to date with the content of the syllabus for each subject in the year of their examination.

If you have any questions regarding this Jamb Syllabus for Commerce 2024/2025, don’t hesitate to ask via the comment section.

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