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British Council Strengthens Ties with JAMB Through Cordial Visit

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) welcomed a delegation from the British Council at its National Headquarters, as both organizations expressed their commitment to fortifying their existing amicable relationship. The British Council, the United Kingdom’s (UK) international organization dedicated to fostering cultural relations and educational opportunities, aims to deepen its collaboration with JAMB.

The Director of Programmes at the British Council, Mr. Chikodi Onyemerea, led the delegation, which included the Director of Exams Nigeria, Mr. Deep Adikhari, and the Senior Accounts Relationship Manager, Mr. Akinola Oladunmoye. The visit, characterized as a courtesy call, highlighted the shared goals of the British Council and JAMB in the realm of education and cultural exchange.

Mr. Onyemerea conveyed the Council’s appreciation to JAMB for nominating two of its staff to participate in the upcoming conference scheduled for 27th to 29th February 2024 in South Africa. The annual conference serves as a platform to showcase the Council’s global programs and activities for students exposed to the UK curriculum. It aims to highlight best practices and foster collaboration among countries to improve their respective curricula.

Discussing the verification of A-level results, Mr. Onyemerea clarified the distinct roles of recognizing organizations and examination centers. In the context of Cambridge A-levels, he explained that while examination centers lack direct access to the verification platform, recognizing bodies are issued passwords to access a secure site. JAMB, being a recognized organization, has been granted access to this secure site.

The Registrar of JAMB emphasized the Board’s willingness to carry out necessary verifications, pointing out that specific directives were issued to holders of 2018 results to independently verify with the British Council. He noted that JAMB does not have access to pre-2018 results, underscoring the importance of individual verification.

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Acknowledging the historically cordial relationship between JAMB and the British Council, the Registrar expressed optimism that both organizations would continue to engage meaningfully at various levels. Furthermore, he shared information with the Council regarding the proposed training for JAMB staff in spoken and written English, aiming to enhance overall staff efficiency and productivity.

As the British Council and JAMB strengthen their ties, this collaborative effort holds promise for fostering educational and cultural exchange between Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The upcoming conference in South Africa stands as a testament to their commitment to global best practices in education.

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